Fire & Plumbing Solution

We are an multiple qualified Consulting and solutions driven company that focus on your business and providing FIRE SERVICE , PLUMBING AND SANITARY SERVICE to small-to-medium sized organizations across the INDIA . It is Well Known player from the Indian market & archived success in both Domestic & industrial fire applications and plumbing services . It has grown to become the India’s largest and most innovative supplier of fire extinguishers & fire protection products , plumbing service provider for commercial and industrial applications.

What We Offer:

  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire detection Fire extinguishers Fire hydrants
  • Fire suppression system

Fire Services :

  • Fire training/fire drills Fire engineering
  • Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and servicing of all types of fire equipment.
  • The fire solutions can be broadly divided under 2 System.

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Water Based Systems

We are engaged in the offering value added services including :

  • Commercial Sector Projects
  • Industrial Sector Projects
  • Rack Installation Service
  • Infrastructure Sector Projects
  • Power Sector Projects
  • Design Engineering

Hypermart Solutions offers

Hypermart Solutions offers a range of water based Fire protection systems like Hydrant, Sprinkler, High & Medium velocity spray system, Water mist system and Foam system. Gas Based Systems.

  • The different types of gas suppression systems are Co2, FM -200 and Clean Agent System and Inert Gas System.
  • Fire Detection and Fire

Alarm Systems

Hypermart Solutions offers Intelligent Addressable system, Conventional system.

Hybrid (Combination of addressable & conventional system) and Public Address System

Plumbing & Sanitary Solutions

Hypermart Solutions offers complete solutions for installation of :

  • Automatic / General plumbing
  • Hot Water Systems
  • All Drainage Works
  • Bathroom Installations
  • Repairs
  • Water Storage, Filtration, Softening and Disinfection

Our Services:

  • All 24/7 Emergencies
  • All plumbing maintenance requirements
  • All Plumbing for insurance claims
  • All Electric Geysers (installing, relocating, repairing burst/faulty geysers)
  • All Kitchen/Bathroom installations/renovations
  • All Leak Detection (infrared camera)
  • All Unblocking sinks/toilets
  • All Blocked drains

Industries We Serve:

We have experience assisting the following range of clients/industries with diverse plumbing requirements:

  • Commercial Industry
  • Residential Homes
  • Estate and Rental Agents
  • Landlords
  • Developers
  • Industrial Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Fitness Industry
  • Construction Industry

Plumbing Services Applications:

  • All CCTV drainage inspection
  • All Taps (dripping, replacements, etc)
  • All Toilets (leaking & running)
  • All Irrigation pipes (leaking)
  • All Waste pipes (leaking)
  • All Shower heads (clogged)
  • All Installation of washing machines/dishwashing machines All Storm water & drainage problems(drainage installations)
  • All Damp problems
  • All Plumbing Certificates (buying/selling) All Water mains (rerouting/new)