Company Profile

A diversified, full service Corporate Leasing Consulting firm, Hypermart Solutions is active in the marketing, development, asset management and facilities management of office, medical office, industrial and retail properties.
The firm’s industrial, retail and office brokerage divisions have consistently ranked among the most active in the Bhubaneswar and all over India .

The strategic business plan of the firm continues to emphasize 8 primary real estate disciplines:

  • Real Estate Management
  • Corporate Real Estate Services
  • Tenant Representation
  • Development and Redevelopment
  • Sales and Acquisitions
  • Investment Services
  • Marketing of Real Estate Assets
  • We ensure our loyalty and dedication for the work executed by us.

What We Do In hypermartsolutions

We provide complete and comprehensive property services and solutions achieved through the following core business activities.

Land Representation :


• Based in Bhubanesar for over 05 years, HYPERMART SOLUTIONSCommercial Real Estate and its Industrial Services Division benefit from a strong local presence. The division takes a team-oriented approach on behalf of clients, utilizing HYPERMART5 SOLUTIONS’s diverse regional and national contacts. Since HYPERMART SOLUTIONS Commercial Real Estate provides more than industrial brokerage representation, the Industrial Services Division complements the other business lines in HYPERMART SOLUTIONS Commercial’s corporate structure: The Industrial Services Division provides representation services to two distinct sets of clients: Tenant/Buyer and Product Owner. In Tenant/Buyer Representation, the division’s clients include manufacturing and assembly, research and development, food, distribution, and warehousing companies seeking economical solutions to their real estate requirements. In Product Owner Representation, the division’s customer list includes institutions, small entrepreneurial firms, developers, and private investors seeking the greatest return on their real estate investments.


• The Finance Brokerage Division of HYPERMART SOLUTIONS Commercial has been actively involved in the development and acquisition of real estate for the company and their clients since the firm was founded in 2014.

• Since its inception our Finance Brokerage Division has been an integral part of the acquisition, development and redevelopment of real estate with a market value . The Brokerage Division has financed the following types of real estate: industrial buildings, retail centers, office buildings, medical office buildings, senior living facilities and vacant land.

• Our Finance Division is able to provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of the property they either currently own, plan on purchasing, want to develop or redevelop. Our vast network and personal relationships with lenders and real estate professionals allows us to consummate financing transactions efficiently where other finance companies might fail.

Industrial Services:

  • The Industrial Services Division provides a broad range of services in Tenant/ Buyer Representation as well as in Product Owner Representation. Services important to both types of client include
  • Market overview
  • Current situation and business plan analysis
  • Comprehensive property availability and valuation studies
  • Strategic planning and reporting
  • Access to local market data for comparative studies
  • Marketing of Real Estate Assets

The Industrial Services Division breaks down its range of services specific to each client group in the following manner:

• Tenant/Buyer Representation Services

  • Build-to-suit (BTS) transactions: the Industrial Services Division provides assistance in evaluating BTS options and facilitates BTS transactions; additional resources available when necessary include
  • access to HYPERMART SOLUTIONS Commercial Real Estate’s Development Department and third party development firms
  • Financial lease analysis
  • Coordination of due diligence
  • Exploration of municipal and state incentives
  • Advice on land use provisions, tax rates, labor and freight costs
  • Lease vs. buy analysis

• Product Owner Representation

  • Property leasing/disposition strategy overview
  • Pre-market approach
  • Evaluation analysis
  • Negotiations
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Arrangement of sale/leaseback transactions
  • Industrial property management services: in cooperation with the HYPERMART SOLUTIONS Commercial Real Estate Property Management Division, the Industrial Services Division provides recommendations and facilitates property management services

Corporate Real Estate:

• HYPERMART SOLUTIONS has served a wide variety of corporations, financial institutions and non-profit organizations since the firm was founded in 2014 . As a full service company, HYPERMART SOLUTIONS has expertise in all areas of corporate real estate, including brokerage, management, development and construction. We have assisted clients with requirements ranging from 2,000 square feet to over 200,000 square feet achieve their real estate objectives in local, regional and national assignments. Utilizing skill sets available “in house”, HYPERMART SOLUTIONS provides the following client services:


Purchase, Lease or Sublease Existing Office Suite to Raw Land Market, Financial & Facility Analysis Negotiation & Implementation

Disposition :

  • I. Sale or Sublease .
  • II. Lease Restructuring / Workout Marketing / Strategic Facility Consolidation
  • III. Negotiation & Implementation

Facility / Property Assessment :

  • I. Lease Review (Renegotiation)
  • II. Facility Assessment
  • III. Property Assessment
  • IV. Market Assessment / Forecast

• Optimum Facility Position :

  • I. Buy vs. Lease vs. Build Sale / Leaseback
  • II. Build to Suit & Development

• Management :

  • I. Asset Management
  • II. Construction Management
  • III. Facilities Management
  • IV. Move Coordination Services
  • V. Lease Administration

Hypermart Primecare

• Hypermart Prime Care was created in 2014 to offer a concentrated focus on serving healthcare providers and hospital systems. We take a long-term approach to the healthcare real estate process, working closely with hospitals and physicians to understand their distinct needs, goals and priorities by designing healthcare facilities solutions and capital structures specifically to achieve their goals. Moreover, our services span every aspect of the project. The Hypermart Prime Care Team includes professionals with expertise in development, construction, finance, acquisition, due diligence, brokerage, leasing management and more.

• Hypermart Prime Care partners with some of the best healthcare institutions in the nation to design, build, lease and manage first-class medical facilities that address the needs of today’s patients. Ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings, and many other facilities are included in the Hypermart Prime Care portfolio. Hypermart Prime Care has thorough knowledge of the healthcare business, its culture, challenges, governance structures, legal parameters and distinct financial needs. medical facilities that address the needs of today’s patients. Ambulatory care facilities, medical office buildings, and many other facilities are included in the Hypermart Prime Care portfolio. Hypermart Prime Care has thorough knowledge of the healthcare business, its culture, challenges, governance structures, legal parameters and distinct financial needs.

Property Management:

• From small medical office buildings to large hospital developments, Hypermart Solutions is a superb and experienced healthcare facilities partner.

Our services include:

  • Site Search
  • Entitlements, site acquisition and zoning
  • Financial feasibility analysis
  • Capital sourcing, ownership structuring, asset monetization
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Design, engineering and construction .
  • Budget adherence n .
  • Leasing & Marketing .
  • Tenant Program Management .
  • Property Management .
  • Facility Management .

Hypermart Retail

• The Retail Division of Hypermart Solutions Commercial was formed in 2014 and consists of the Retail Brokerage Group and the Retail Development Group, with professionals experienced in all aspects of retail real estate. The Retail Brokerage Group works closely with national big box and specialty retailers in assembling parcels that can be purchased for existing as well as future developments. As a tenant representative,Hypermart Solutions has worked with numerous retailers in their expansion or entry into the INDIAN market, as well as local entrepreneurs looking to expand or relocate their businesses. Hypermart Solutions is recognized as an expert in representing both owners looking to sell or lease their properties, as well as tenants looking to purchase or lease space.

• Since its inception, the Retail Division has worked closely with Hypermart Solutions ’s Development Division in planning, developing and leasing of retail space .

Hypermart Acquisitions:

Hypermart Solutions is the Acquisition/Development Division of Hypermart Solutions Commercial Real Estate. Since Utilizing our in-house development expertise, (Property Management, Asset Management, Financial Analysis, Brokerage, and Construction), we are able to integrate the various specialties and identify profitable opportunities.

The focus of HYPERMART SOLUTIONS is as follows:

  • The acquisition, rehabilitation, and repositioning of industrial and other commercial properties.
  • The acquisition of existing income stream properties, primarily industrial
  • The acquisition of land and development for industrial and mixed use opportunities.
  • Build-to-suit opportunities.
  • HYPERMART SOLUTIONS is comprised of a highly experienced group of individuals who have developed and acquired over 100,000 square feet of retail, office, and industrial Space.
  • HYPERMART SOLUTIONS is well-positioned to take benefit from new capital sources in the acquisitions and development of commercial real estate in both up and down market cycles. .