Hypermart Solutions (Consulting I Development I Management) offers a diverse range of services to a wide variety of organizations in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry. Hypermart Solutions is prepared to take your large or small Resort /boutique / business hotel and make into a profitable, successful Hotel / Resort property.

Hotel Acquisition

The key to a successful hotel acquisition lies in the following Effects:

  • Analysis of costs and projections of income and expense.
  • Selection of the appropriate brands.
  • Analysis of physical and environmental challenges present in older buildings.
  • Determination of replacement materials which will enhance the economic operation of the property, insuring environmentally correct and energy efficient systems.
  • Selection of properties wherein the cost of renovation represents significant savings over new construction.

Hotel Development

Hypermart Solutions can/will complete the following pre-opening tasks:

  • Selection of development team members including architects, general contractors, interior designers, engineers, kitchen consultants, and FF&E advisors.
  • Pre-development coordination between designers and contractors to insure the most efficient design to yield high quality and economic efficiency.

Hotel Management

After a hotel is acquired or developed, Hypermart Solutions will use its skills in all aspects of hotel operations, including;Operational Reviews ,Sales and Marketing,Strategic PlanningInventory Control, Labor Analysis, Management Overview,Capital Improvement Planning .

Project Consulting

Project Development Consulting Services: Market analysis, positioning and feasibility studies . Selection of Brand . Selection of key project team members including: Architects, Contractors, Interior Designers.

Hotel Operation Services

Hypermart Solutions can include the entire management operation of the hotel or modular and include:

Operations, Sales Marketing, Branding, Financial Management HR and Training,Hotel Feasibility Studies, Hotel Marketing Plan Strategy & Development, Hotel Web Site Development, Property Audits, Hotel Risk Management & Life Safety Audits .